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LAAF Update

LAAF receives $5000 Grant from UPS

LAAF just received a $5000 Grant to continue working on Brain Cancer Awareness and Research. The check was presented at a UPS Rally to Ed Arquilla on behalf of LAAF.

Here is the letter that accompanied the check:

May 23, 2006

Ms. Lisa Arquilla Dodge

Executive Director

On behalf of UPS Supply Chain Solutions and our employees, I would like to congratulate the Lori Arquilla Andersen Foundation (L.A.A.F.) with an award of $5,000.00 to help continue your successful outreach to the communities where we live and serve.

After reviewing the request, it was clear that L.A.A.F. has concentrated your mission to making a difference in the community by your commitment to raise public awareness and funds in hopes of finding a cure for brain cancer. We are pleased to contribute to the financial support that will help further the understanding of brain tumors and improve vital treatments and therapies.

The UPS Foundation was founded in 1951 to develop and champion innovative solutions to social problems through the global focus of Hunger, Literacy and Volunteerism. By making grants and contribution other resources, like volunteers, technical assistance and out expertise, The UPS Foundation enable non-profit organizations like this to serve communities more effectively around the world.

Once again congratulations!

Check out the photo in the Photo Gallery!

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