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Welcome to the Lori-Erik Archives

These archives are from the old lori-erik.com website that was made for Lori at the beginning of her battle with brain cancer.  It was an incredible gift that allowed Lori and Erik to share their journey with family and friends.  It also allowed visitors to post inspirational messages of hope, courage and love which gave Lori the strength to keep fighting.  We hope that Lori will continue to inspire and connect with those who share in her journey.

Sharing (Lori's Journal Entries)

Here you will find all of Lori's archived journal entries from the time of her first symptom to the time of her passing.  This is an archive from the old lori-erik.com website and new updated entries will not be made here.  To view new updates and entries from LAAF, please go to LAAF Updates .

Caring (Messages posted to Lori)

Here you'll find all of the archived messages of love and inspiration that visitors posted for Lori. This is an archive from the old lori-erik.com website and new messages and postings can be made in the Guestbook.

You can see additional sets of pictures from Lori and Erik's wedding by clicking on the refresh icon on your toolbar.

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