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December 29 2009
Posted By: Lost_DAD

Lost my dad less than 6 months since the first seizure (July 2009), just 8 weeks after surgery the GBlas Grade 4 grew back double in size. Post surgery he felt continiously tired and did not get well. Radiation therapy was suggested, but time has not allowed that. Love you dad. Will miss you a lot.xx

October 5 2009
Posted By: vic

Can you please post all the photo's... My brther was diagnoised with gbm July-4-09

September 4 2009
Posted By: The Other Pea in the Pod

I have searched endlessly to find something I could personally relate to, and I now have thanks to you Linda, Erik & Lori. My husband was diagnosed with GBM 2 months after our wedding Aug 30, 2008. Surgery, chemo, nerve-racking MRI's... I know it all too well. Cancer has recurred drastically, aggressively, & rapidly. Prognosis is now months.. We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary & reading your May 25 entry weighed on my heart rightly so. We also had hopes of fertility options & a future. We are 28/29yrs old & therefore can fully understand the unfair shattering of dreams & hopes for the future. People always have referred to us as 2 Peas 'n a Pod and I'm losing that other part of my pod, my sweet pea more each day... Bless your hearts for your inspiring courage & determination. Ultimately creating this site, & the legacy for Lori!

April 16 2009
Posted By: Jeffrey E. Worley

Thank you. Lori is in my thoughts and is a beautiful soul. Her energy, smile, and attitude are second to none. I had a tumor removed four weeks ago, and am still wrestling with all the feelings and emotions this has brought me, but Lori's smile, story and her video have given me strength. God Bless - Live Strong. LAAF

April 14 2009
Posted By: Mandy Buckley

Lisa, I am dumbfounded. I stumbled on you and then this organization through my recently joining facebook. I have read the entire journal and my heart broke for you, your mother and your family. I was very grateful to read of Lori's faith in the Lord through it all and of her family rallying around her like you all did! Her husband, you and your mom were her rocks through that valley from what I read. I can only imagine how hard it was on you with the two boys. Lori was a sweet spirit and an obvious light in this world. Thanks to your efforts here, she will remain so.. The scripture that comes to mind for Lori, you and your family is Romans 8:28 'And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God'. Just wanted to send my love to you and your family.

February 23 2009
Posted By: Carol Horton-Owen

Your web site is beautiful! Our mother passed from GBM on Oct. 19,2007. She fought for four months before she lost her battle. She was a wonderful caring person. One say while sitting in here hospital room she said she wished she could get the word out about GBM and to help the caregivers in some way. We did just that by starting the non profit Gayle Sheldon Memorial Foundation for Brain Cancer, Inc, (www.gaylesheldongbm.com) "The Chance of a Lifetime to Give a Life a Chacne" We would like to invite you to view our web site.

February 22 2009
Posted By: Julie Swiderski

My son just turned 21 in December. He went into the E/R for an infection in his face. When they did a CT scan, they found a brain tumor. He had his first surgery last week to implant a shunt to release the fluid (hydrocephalus). He had his second surgery this past Thursday to remove what they could of the tumor. They call this hypothalmic glioma. They were able to remove about 90%. We are not yet sure of the grade/stage of the tumor. They tell us that this has been growing for about 10-15 years, that this would explain some of the behavioral issues that he has had. He didn't complain of headaches or anything. We are just at the beginning of a long road. I never thought that I would receive such news.

February 22 2009
Posted By: Kristi Betchner Conner

This is truly a beautiful website in honor of Lori. A friend of mine, that I also work with, just had surgery to remove a frontal lobe tumor. All of us at work have been sharing stories to help cope and wanting so much to learn more. I remember Lori's story and the beautiful website that was made in her behalf. I spent this weekend reading through Lori, Erik and Linda's diary. Lori was such a beautiful person, so full of life and promise. I know she is looking down from heaven and watching over us all. I remember visiting Uncle Joe and family in Chicago when I was about 8 years old or so. My father, William Betchner, was in the army at the time and we were either on route to Germany or coming back to the states. I remember Lori dancing with her mom and her sister in a show. We never really knew each other well, even though we were cousins. I wish we would've stayed in touch and spoke more often. Family and friends are such an important part of life. Lori's story reminds us all to live each day to the fullest and never to take life for granted. My brothers daughter, Jessica, was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma last year at age 14. She went through the chemo treatments, etc. and had to grow up so fast. She lost some great friends she made along the way. NOthing can prepare you for something such as cancer coming from nowhere and affecting you and those you love. I am happy to say that Jessica beat the odds and her first 3 month appt. is coming in March. We just keep praying that the cancer doesn't return. Thank you for sharing the wonderful life of Lori for all of us to see. She was truly a special person and her memory will continue to dwell in us all. God Bless! Kristi Betchner Conner

October 18 2008
Posted By: Catherine Creek

Reading your story is like reliving my daughters story. My daughter was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme two months after her eighth birthday I was told she wouldn't live six weeks. My daughter had similar symptoms, I thought she was dyslexic because of the vision and reading problems she was having. I NEVER dreamed it could be a brain tumor until the headaches started. My little girl had 12 brain surgeries in 3 months and became paralyzed on the right side of her body. She went through 6 weeks of radiation and endless amounts of chemo. When my daughter was diagnosed with the GBM I truly thought this was the worst thing that could happen to her. Six months after we were told she had the GBM and trying to learn to live with our new life my daughter was diagnosed with a second cancer called Pleomorphic Rhabdomyosarcoma she is the only person in medical history diagnosed with both of these diseases at the same time. Nobody knew what to do and everyone told us to do nothing since the brain tumor would kill her anyway. My daughter was diagnosed April 24, 2005 and she fought everyday until August 17,2006!! NOBODY should have to go through what our loved ones have gone through, NOBODY should have to suffer by these terrible diseases!! I lost my only child to two terrible cancers and I'll never understand why, nobody in my family has ever had ANY kind of cancer. Everyone has to work together to find a cure so nobody else has to suffer. My daughters name was Soraya Jackson, she is forever my hero!!

September 11 2008
Posted By: Carolyn McCune

I just found out this evening that my daughters friend who is only 21 has brain cancer. They say she has had it for years. April is her name and I have known her since she was in kindergarden. She has an 18 month little boy. She is so positive and I just ask for prayers for her and her family.

August 17 2008
Posted By: Tammy Libidinsky

hello..i hope you are all well..i wrote to you 3 years ago Aug. 8th... i recently got a new email and would like to share, i read all the updates you send, youa re doing a wonderful job with everything! keep it up! my new email is btlib@ptd.net thanks! tammy :)

July 16 2008
Posted By: Angela Penticuff

My best friend has brain cancer. She had horrible news today of an inoperable tumor in the center of her brain. (her third tumor since February). It is a dismal prognosis. In my grief tonight I tried to find some support, some light. I stumbled across this. I'm not sure who to address this to, but Lori seemed so much like my Holly. Effervescent, light, life. Like champagne. I thank you for sharing her with me. For reminding me that this life we walk through is hard, but that grace and love and hope can survive, even if the people we insist must be healed are not. Thank you from my heart.

July 6 2008
Posted By: ...

She will never be forgotten...3 years and it still seems like yesterday...She is still a daily inspiration. Whenever I feel I am having bad day, I look at the 22 months she went through and things don't seem so bad. I wish you all well

July 5 2008
Posted By: Howard Tikka

Linda, Lisa and Erik - This has been a very reflective day for me these past couple of years. And I'm sure it's even more difficult for yourselves. Lori is greatly in my thoughts today... her laugh, her joyful spirit and way she pronounced the letter a. "Kick ayyss" is forever cemented in my mind :) It still makes me smile. It was a privilege to have met Lori some 20+ years ago. A part of her spirit will always be with me. And for that I'm grateful. All the best to you all, you're in my thoughts today. Take care, Howard

July 5 2008
Posted By: Scott, Elke and Ayden

Hello All, Just a quick note today to say hello and god bless. All the best, Scott, Elke and Ayden

April 9 2008
Posted By: Joel Huggins

God bless and keep you in his arms now and forever Lori, you are a angel with a heart for all who may come into this illness...thank you Lori and love and peace to you forever!

March 25 2008
Posted By: Russell W. Johnson

Febuary 5th, 2008 I had a tennis ball size tumor removed from the right frontal lobe of my brain. The tumor wwas malignant and composed of GBM. I am currently undergoing radiation and chemo. I will also start avastin April 23rd. Ilearned of L.A.A.F after protesting a cartoon in the Tribune. I have two jobs right now, the first is to get well and the second is to be an ambassador and spokesman for people with brain tumors as I have an extremely positive attitude! I invite you to email me at russboots61@yahoo.com and ask for my top 12 list why I will survive brain cancer, I would love to share it with you. I am also looking forward to getting involved with L.A.A.F as I live only twenty minutes from their offices.

March 24 2008
Posted By: Darcy Bretz

Hi Linda, Thanks for spending some time on the phone with me today. Again, I want to thank you for your comments in the Chicago Tribune Magazine last weekend as we are in total agreement. Thank you for this website and your dedication to the cause. Sincerely, Darcy Bretz

November 17 2007
Posted By: kelly carrera

I would like to thank you for all of this. My husband is currently battleing this horrible disease as he is also very young (36). It is just as hard for the family and friends as this disease changes your life forever. I pray every day that they will find a cure. Thanks again kelly

November 15 2007
Posted By: Arquilla

Ciao, sono un Arquilla anch'io e vi scrivo da Raiano, Italia. Purtroppo non conosco l'inglese e devo scrivere in italiano: speriamo che qualcuno di voi capisca, altrimenti pazienza. Complimenti per la vostra bella iniziativa e sinceri auguri di successo.

October 6 2007
Posted By: Patti

Thank you for sharing your message of love and caring. It was such a priviledge to share Eric and Lori's life together. I will thank Lori in prayer for her courageous battle with cancer and how she used her own body to test new ways to fight this terrible disease.

February 1 2007
Posted By: Nicole from Scottsdale, AZ

WOW! I was just inquiring after getting an email update & I am beyond impressed with whereyou have taken this all. I know Lori is smiling 24/7 watching you turn this tragedy into something so powereful that is impacting so many lives! Keep up the great work; I long to attend one of these events in the future! Linda you are amazing and I am so proud of you and your team making this movement. God Bless You ALL! XOXO Nik~

January 23 2007
Posted By: BRAYDEN

Hi! Looks great! Good resources here, Congratulations!

January 14 2007
Posted By: JADEN

Hi! I like your logo. Well done. Enjoyed the visit!

December 6 2006
Posted By: AVA

Hello! Your web site is helpful, nice site. This will be my first time visiting. I will be back!

December 5 2006
Posted By: EVAN

This is a great website! Many thanks. This will be my first time visiting. I found lots of intresting things here. Cheers!

December 4 2006
Posted By: ADDISON

Impressive webpage! I like it a lot! I'm looking forward to the next update...

September 20 2006
Posted By: Roxanne

There was a song that came on the radio this morning on Christian radio KLove 94.3FM. It is most beautiful. The song is a reflection from the experience of someone that has passed to be in the full presence of Christ in Heaven knowing full love, joy, freedom, and peace. When I heard the song, I thought of Lori and all of you. So, it seemed that I should share. Go to this site: http://www.markharrisonline.com/. Then, on the upper right corner, it lets you click through to the songs to listen to them. He has many beautiful songs, but the one that I’m referring to is “Wish You Were Here”. So, when you listen to it, you can imagine Lori singing it to all of you. May God bless you this day and always, Roxanne

July 5 2006
Posted By: Roxanne

It is so encouraging to read how God is continuing to use you blessing your efforts. I continue to pray for his love, guidance, comfort, peace, and blessings to remain with all of you. God bless, Roxanne

July 5 2006
Posted By: Howard Tikka

message removed in error........... Can't wait to see you at the Ball.

June 28 2006
Posted By: Fran Zimmermann

Wow! Congratulations on receiving the grant from UPS. That's one more great recognition for L.A.A.F.! Best, Fran

April 13 2006
Posted By: Judy Hnat

This past weekend I was introduced to Yoga Nidra by a dear friend, Jennifer, who is pregnant with her first child (Jenn's daughter, Ryan, is due to make her first appearance in July :o). This was my very first practice with this type of meditation and I was guided to a safe and quiet cave. The opening was surrounded by red roses. Inside the cave there was a warm and bright, yellow light. The yogi prompted me to visualize a person there. Immediately, Lori came to my mind's eye. She and I never met in this life but are linked through Erik. Thanks to all of you who are keeping her spirit -- and all the angels among and above us -- alive and well. >--O--< (hugs)

March 6 2006
Posted By: Vanessa Graham (Leto)

Lori and I were good friends many many years ago. I just heard of this news over this past weekend and I cannot stop thinking about her. As I see how beautiful her wedding pictures are I realize that she still has that same amazing smile she had when we were 18. She always smiled, we always laughed. Even though it has been so long since I saw her I am forever effected by her passing. I went looking for my old book of pictures to find her smile. I am lucky and I have a few of me and her sharing our laughs. My prayers go to the family and I am so sorry for your loss. May God continue to give you all the strength.

February 14 2006
Posted By: Roxanne

Exactly one year ago today, I got an email from a coworker concerning the 24-hour prayer chain for Lori. My prayers began joining so many others. I read the last few months’ updates today and see so many blessings from God. Lori’s spirit did move on to be with Jesus, being much alive now in His presence. I read about Gianna – a Heavenly blessing from above. I praise and thank God for the blessings you have brought during the Brain Tumor Conference. You are keeping hope alive continuing to bring love, comfort, support, and encouragement to others. This is powerful! I am certain that God is smiling down upon you. I wish all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I pray for God’s loving presence to be with all of you providing ongoing encouragement, comfort and strength to help you accomplish all that God calls you to. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? … We are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:35-39)

January 9 2006
Posted By: Patrick Widmayer

It was Christmas Eve 05, I was in the jewel osco in barrington Ill. I ran into a friend named Chad Calameri,The first words out of his mouth were"did you hear about Lori?" I met Lori in 1990,Dated for a short time, but we made better friends. I moved to michigan for two years in 19 96 and lost concact with her. I remember on new years eve in 1994, my girlfriend broke up with me..Lori spent the entire night dancing with me and talking...she didnt want to see me alone.She turned me on to Lennt Kravitz and chocolate milk, She use to have empty glasses of chocolate milk all over her house, The girl lived for soupe and a salad.I made attepmts to locate her when i moved back to illinois..couldnt find her. I lost my father on november 14 2005, So my heart goes out to the andersen and arquilla family. The one comfort that i have is that i know i have an angel watching over me,Lori im sure is a beautiful angel,as she was a wonderful,and beautiful woman on earth. thoughts and prayers, Pat.

January 5 2006
Posted By: Denise Polifka

Happy New Year Lisa & Linda. I was reading the guestbook entries and realizing how neglectful I have been. I'm sorry I missed the 1st annual ball. It sounds like it was a great success. Just like everyone else, I have let things spin by me. Day to day life seems overwhelming and I have been less than attentive to many things which once had a greater priority. I'm hoping to grab on and slow down in 2006. I think about both of you often and am apologizing for my neglect. I'm positive Lori is smiling down on you. You are amazing. I'm using you for my motivation.....I love you guys. Denise

December 7 2005
Posted By: Whitney Evans

Thank you again for a wonderful evening and we look forward to more L.A.A.F. events! Whitney

December 6 2005
Posted By: Yolanda Van Hecke

Hi Lisa, I want to congratulate you on the wonderful job you and your mother did for the Gray Tie Ball. It was fabulous and we all here at HOK had a great time. Yolanda Van Hecke

December 6 2005
Posted By: Diane Lannon

It was a really nice evening...You guys should be SOOO proud of yourselves. I really think you are doing a fantastic thing, and I hope LAAF gets just as big as Susan Komen's foundation. How can we get Oprah's attention??? hmmm You look great! Keep me on the list. I am sending you some more names to add to your mailing list. Diane Lannon

December 6 2005
Posted By: Paula Holt

Hi Lisa & Linda - The Gray Tie Ball was a huge success! I am glad I got to be a part of it. I am looking forward to the future of the foundation. I look forward to working together again soon! Paula

December 6 2005
Posted By: Christa Arquilla

Hi Linda, Hope you are doing well and getting back into the norm with work and all. I hope you were happy with the whole turnout of the ball, I personally think that it went well and again I think your speech was great! You should give yourself a little pat on the back. Christa

December 6 2005
Posted By: George & Linda Fischer

Both George and I thought the ball was terrific! I look forward to discussing it and planning for the future. Linda F.

December 6 2005
Posted By: Yolanda M. Van Hecke

My husband and I had a great time and we were deeply touched by the speeches and Dr. "Jeff's" research. I met Lori on two occasions. I was instantly drawn to her smile and friendliness. We live in Dyer Indiana near the Castle Lori and Erik's wedding was held. Whenever I pass the Castle my first thought is of Lori and Erik. On the weekend of their wedding, I passed by the Castle on my way home from a camping trip. I looked up at the Castle and mentioned to my husband how beautiful the day was for a wedding and I was so glad that Erik and Lori were starting their lives together in such a special way. I felt a touch of happy jealousy for Lori and her fairy tale wedding. Take care you two and know that you have the support of many. Yolanda M. Van Hecke

December 6 2005
Posted By: Diane Lannon

My friend Terry really enjoyed it, as did everybody. They were omparing it to the first year they went to the "Kids Fight Cancer" benefit (Jim & Loretta and Val & Tony go every year). And they said it started small and this year they had 2,000 people at the benefit...something to look forward to for LAAF! I bet I will have a BIGGER table next year. My cousin wanted to come and Loretta and Val have more sisters.... Diane

December 5 2005
Posted By: Audrey Hillyer

Dear Erik, Linda, & Family, I recently received the Save the Date for the Gray Tie Ball...it was forwarded from my old mailing address. I was deeply saddened; I did not know that Lori had passed in July. We lost touch last spring, and after a series of changed telephone numbers and email addressess on my end, it is only now that I have learned the news. I deeply regret that I was not there to say goodbye. I worked with Lori at a dysfunctional job in Uptown (even saying this, I chuckle because I know she would, too - we had many laughs about it while and after we no longer worked there). It was a positive experience, though, because of Lori and the friendship we shared. As silly as it sounds, I wouldn't have survived working there without her. I can only imagine that the reason you are able to be strong and survive losing her, is because of her. This website, all of the postings, and the mission and message you are sending through L.A.A.F. shows that Lori is shining on through all of you - through every one of you who was touched by this incredible woman. Although I didn't know Lori very long, she is a life long friend. I have many wonderful memories of her entertaining stories about trips to New York with Erik, her deep love for him, her trips to far off lands, her interest in archaelogy, and always, her sense of humor and...that laugh! I recall it very clearly. She will always sparkle in my memory. My heart sends love and peace to you all.

December 4 2005
Posted By: Rena

Hello. The fundraiser was amazing! It is unbelievable how much you all have accomplished in such a short period of time. YOU are fulfilling Lori's dream -- I know she is looking down from heaven so pleased and feeling such overwhelming love. Your efforts are going to make such a difference in this world ... This "village" is going to continue to grow! Lori, my dear friend, you are so missed and so loved. Love, Brian, Rena & Isabella

December 1 2005
Posted By: Greetings

Good morning, Hope you are well. As I looked at the calendar today to see my appointments for the day, I realized it is December 1 - Lori's birthday. Even as the years got between us, I always remembered that was her day, and wondered where she was, what she was doing, hoping she was happy. Today is not a sad day. It is one that you should celebrate. You know that Lori is having a little party in Heaven today! Raise a glass to her, say a prayer, and celebrate the day that she came into this world, and your lives. Remember, she is gone but not forgotten. And also, not that far away from you. She is always in your heart. I am sorry I can't make it this Saturday to the ball. My fiance and I have a previous family commitment. Since we got engaged almost 3 weeks ago, we have a lot more obligations, as a couple, no less. I am sure it will be a wonderful event, and one that would surely make Lori proud. Let me know an address, where I may send a donation. Best of luck this weekend. Hang in there. Remember, she wouldn't want you to be sad. Have a great day! Love, Maria Fotinopoulos

December 1 2005
Posted By: Birthday

Today is Lori's nephew, Anthony's birthday. Anthony woke up today and looked outside. When he saw the snow he was very excited. He told his mom Christa that the snow was a birthday gift for him from Titi Lori!!

November 8 2005
Posted By: Casey & Jaxx

Thinking of you all. Hope to hear more about the fundraiser soon. -- Casey & Jaxx

October 15 2005

Well, The communication that I spoke of in a previous posting is finally complete and has been mailed out to everyone! You will shortly receive the 'Save the Date' letter. We are still looking for additional auction items and volunteers for the night of the Ball. Just email me with your interest and I'll find a job for you! We also have a completed 'Corporate Sponsorship' letter for those of you that are willing to ask employers and businesses for donations. Let me know and I'll forward the letter to you. Thanks for all of your help! Your support is helping us to win the fight on Brain Cancer! I am working on the design for our new web site - www.laafinc.com. Once that is complete, we will have a new email address - lisad@laafinc.com. The current address will also remain open to receiving emails. Thanks to all!-Lisa ** remember our current email address is: laafinc@yahoo.com**

October 14 2005
Posted By: Colleen Lee

Dear Linda, I wonder if what has changed is not that you have become less strong, but that the pain, emptieness and lonlieness have become stronger. Pain works like that. My brother, Michael, taught me that this Pain eventually gives way to something stronger still. And that is an unexpected elevated faith in family, friends,God and me. It may seem the strength to feel and to feel good is not coming, but it does. And, when it does, you will be on an entirely new level of your life. Take your time.

October 14 2005
Posted By: Colleen Lee

P.S. I had no problems posting on the first try. Please forgive me if I upset you, but I like to believe the postings without words are Lori's. xox

October 7 2005
Posted By: Roxanne

Linda - I read the recent emails. Know that I faithfully continue to pray for all of you every day. I'm sorry for your sadness and pray for Jesus to be your strength. Blessing to you. In the Love of Christ, Roxanne

October 6 2005
Posted By: Linda Magiera

This is a test.

September 22 2005
Posted By: Sheri Yamashita Van Gelderen

I met Lori at Mary & Deb's School of Dance, way back in childhood. Her grandmother was also my 2nd grade teacher. I am very sorry for your family's loss. Although it has been quite a long time since I had last seen her, Lori's passing is still unbelievable to me. I will always remember her laughing and smiling. I hope peace finds you all, and that Lori is dancing up above, in leaps and turns that only she did best.

September 17 2005
Posted By: Kevin Lindsey

I was a friend of lori's and i just recentlty found out about her passing. Iam sorry to hear of your family'S loss,lori was a very kind person, and allthough i have not talked to her in a while i will miss her and think of her allways, With love Kevin Lindsey

September 15 2005
Posted By: Kimberly

I recently fell upon this site and wanted to let you all know that my prayers go out to all of you. Brain Tumors have been a curse in my family for years, haven taken my Grandfather, Uncle, my dad and recently my brother. My dad lived with his tumor for nearly 20 years while my brother was diagnosed in December 2004 and passed away January 20, 2005. We recently started a website (still under construction) and hope to have it grow in the coming years to help bring awareness brain cancer. I know I don't live in your state, but anything I can do to help, please let me know. God Bless you all. Kimberly Davis www.davis003.bravehost.com

September 9 2005
Posted By: Sandy Zmich

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing...A day doesn't go by that I still think of everyone...Especially Lori, wondering who she is working her miracles on and making happy with her kindness and that beautiful smile...I hope that everyday is getting easier for everyone and when thinking of Lori they are smiling also, as she so often was...I still pray daily for the family's health and happiness.

August 26 2005
Posted By: Lisa Arquilla Dodge

Please direct all communications regarding the Foundation to our new email address : laafinc@yahoo.com. Thanks - Lisa

August 26 2005
Posted By: Lisa Arquilla Dodge

Hi to all! I've been hard at work organizing our 1st Annual Gray Tie Ball/Silent Auction. It is promising to be an exciting evening event! We are calling on all of our faithful supporters as we are in great need of your help to make this event a success! With a collaborative effort - we are sure to make Lori’s dream of a foundation a reality! I am working on a communication which will be emailed out shortly inquiring on donations for the auction and corporate sponsorship for the Gray Tie Ball. Look for that in the upcoming weeks. For now - I am in need of volunteers for the Gray Tie Ball Committee. If you are interested - Please email us at our new address: laafinc@yahoo.com! Thanks to all! - Lisa

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