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LAAF Update

LAAF makes progress in Washington!

We were off to DC at 6:00 a.m. May 1. We had a morning appointment with Cathy Hurwit, Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. We spent over 1 hour with her sharing Lori's story and talking about LAAF!! We discussed the Coalition and what they are trying to accomplish. Then we met with the Coalition where we were invited to apply for membership (previously, we had been told their membership was closed).

On Tuesday, we met with Molly Dunn in Senator Dick Durbin's office, then Michael Robertson in Senator Barak Obama's office and finally with Janice Cotter in Congressman Henry Hyde's office.

When we met with Michael Robertson, Lisa told him about the personal email I had received from Senator Obama. Michael checked to see if he was available & we actually spent a few minutes talking to the Senator!! He was on his way to vote but took time out of his busy day to chat. The highlight of our day!!!

What a great experience!

We were successful in educating the Congressional Staff on the important issues affecting the brain tumor community. All in all - a very successful trip.

Check out the photos in our Photo Gallery!

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