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Brain Tumor Conference 2005 - Together in Hope

Lisa & I went to Tampa Florida over the weekend to attend a Brain Tumor Conference held by the Florida Brain Tumor Association (FBTA) & the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). We met quite a few people from the Brain Trust listserve that I have been on for the last couple of years. It is a list that people with brain tumors &/or their caregivers go on to interact about questions they have or new treatments. Lots of good information. Lori was on for a while but it was just too much for her so I went on ever since. It was wonderful to put faces with names. And we all really understood each other.

While we were there we talked to the Executive Director of ABTA and showed her the video Lisa made for the Gray Tie Ball. She liked it & thought it had a really good positive message & agreed to show it at the end of the conference. It was quite incredible seeing the video in that setting. Lori & LAAF are getting very well known! We made some great connections with people. And it won't be the last they hear of us!!!

Lisa is working on the next event. More info to follow soon.


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