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LAAF Update

Thank You for attending the 1st Annual Gray Tie Ball

Dear Friends of LAAF,

What a perfect night!

We want to thank you all for attending and supporting The 1st Annual Gray Tie Ball. The responses have been so positive and we are glad that everyone had a great time. The room was beautiful, the night was incredible and the people were amazing! Not only did we have a fun filled evening but we were able to bring some awareness and education of our cause – what a success! It seems we are off to a great start and couldn’t be happier. We are on our way to something big – I just know it! As Erik and Linda both told everyone that night – “I know Lori is smiling down on us”. “I know she would be so proud!!!” :)

Thank you so much for your support! We will be sending out receipts / thank you cards within the next few weeks.

A special thanks to our volunteers that jumped right in to help us during a great time of need. You are the best!

If you did not take home a Gray Tie Ball program and would like one – please let us know and we can send one out to you! It’s a great way to share the event with your friends and family and it includes valuable information about the foundation.

We have quite a bit of follow up to tend to and then will begin working on the next event. We hope to have something in March, possibly a comedy night at Second City?!? We will post the next event as we get the details. Hope to see you there!

Currently, when you visit our laafinc.org you will see the lori-erik content. We are working feverishly on completing the new website and should have it up and running by next week. Be assured that the lori-erik content will have a permanent home within the new site.

Please remember to visit www.marykay.com/paulaholt to redeem your $13 gift card. What a great time of year to use it! Mention LAAF in the comments section to ensure that we receive 25% of your order! While there, make sure to sign up for Paula’s mailing list and we will continue to receive 25% of all your future purchases!

If anyone is a business owner and would like to extend the same type of generosity as Paula @ Mary Kay, please contact me at lisad@laafinc.com. We will soon have a corporate sponsor page on the new website that will provide links to your business!

* Spread the message and we’ll see the ‘village’ grow! *

We certainly appreciate your joining us and look forward to seeing you again at our next event!

Happy Holidays!

Lisa – LAAF Executive Director
Linda – LAAF President
Remember to wear your gray awareness bands and to live, love, laaf!

Check out the photos in our Photo Gallery!

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