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We are doing ok. Actually I think right now it is getting harder instead of easier. In the beginning for me, I thought to keep busy was the answer. Well no matter how busy you keep yourself it is still something we just have to go through, it is not something you can go around. I am going to start bereavement counseling this week. I am back to work trying to stay focused but sometimes just going through the motions. I have to just keep trying. I cry alot & wander alot - just can't keep focused on much of anything. I miss Lori terribly.

We went to the cemetery together on 9/5, the 2 year anniversary of her 1st surgery & the 2 month anniversary of her passing. It is very very hard.

Erik is keeping busy at work. We see him as often as possible. He travels alot for work & is going home to see his folks this week. We all just keep on going.

But we go on. Lisa & I are keeping very busy working on the foundation. I have submitted the paperwork to the Illinois Secretary of State department to get the foundation incorporated. I am working with an attorney to get all the other paperwork going. Lisa is working non stop to get me what I need for the paperwork. She is also working non stop on the ball & other events that are in the works. We complement each other very well in our work skills & this foundation WILL be what it needs to be to honor Lori & to help others. We have volunteer accountants, volunteer graphics people, volunteer website people, we are on our way!! Tony Passero & Tribesoft (our website hosts) made a new logo for the foundation & provided us with letterhead, envelopes & business cards design so now we look official. Thank you Tony!! Thanks to all of our other volunteers!

The date of the ball has changed. The 1st Annual Gray Tie Ball will now be Saturday, December 3, at 6:30 pm. More info on that to come.

Love to all of you & thanks for your continued thoughts & prayers. Linda

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