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Surgery Moved to Friday, July 9

Looks like we'll be waiting an extra week for Lori's surgery. Her neuro surgeon wants an experimental test done called a functional MRI to map the functions of her brain. The mass is in an area close to her speech center. In the event of a recurrence Dr. Levy wants to be as aggressive as possible with his recection without causing Lori any damage to her speech center. Unfortunately the only doctor at NMH that preforms the functional MRI test is out until this Thursday. Scheduling of the test will need to wait until he returns.

At the request of Dr. Levy, Lori had another MR Spectroscopy preformed today to see if there is any activity associated with new tumor growth. We'll get the results tomorrow. Lori and I appreciate Dr. Levy's preparations and precautions prior to surgery.

The wait for surgery is difficult, but it will give Lori and I time to continue investigating potential clinical trials to pursue in the event of a recurrence.

Thank you all for the calls, gifts and messages of support. We apologize for "dropping out of sight" for awhile.
We find support in one another and comfort in hanging out at home together with Revy.

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