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Chemo day

Lori & I went to the hospital for her blood work & chemo treatment. Her white blood count was way too low - 700 - normal is 5 to 10,000, they would only do chemo if 3500 or above. So, Lori did not get her chemo treatment today. They did give her an iv of fluids because she is a little dehydrated. They gave her a shot of neupogen to help her white blood count. Erik will give her a shot of neupogen every day. Then next Tuesday we go back for another blood test & if count is ok, another round of chemo. We have to wait & see. So no chemo this week - neither the iv or the oral. She is extremely wiped out from the chemo she has been getting. I barely got her into the house & she had to go to bed. I don't expect her to get up for quite a while.


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