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Puerto Rico

We had the most incredible amazing time together as a family. On Thursday night after dinner we all (15 of us!) sat around a table in the rainforest in PR holding hands & praying together for Lori's good health. Friday we went for a hike (all except grandma & grandpa!) even Lori!! Then one of our many cousins (Joanne & her baby Amanda) came to stay one night with us. Then on Saturday we all left the rainforest - we had a caravan of 5 cars luckily with Joanne leading the way to Ponce where most of our family lives. We went out to the country to the house where Lori's great-grandparents use to live & one of our uncles lives now. We prayed together which just felt so right to be where we have had so many memories. This is where Lori's grandparents met back in 1945 or so. Then we went back into town for a party with lots of other family & friends. It was such a blessing that we were all able to get together on such short notice. Now another blessing is happening. On Sunday we have around 100 people getting together for a "celebration of Lori's life". We have such wonderful family & friends. Thank you to you all.


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