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Weekend & next week

Lori & Erik & I went to the Unity church together yesterday. Erik got up in front of the congregation & asked them for their prayers for Lori - for her healing & for all of us to have the strength to get through this.

Then we went to see the Rabbi they have been seeing for the last 6 months or so. We all prayed together in front of the Ark. HE SAYS WE ALL HAVE TO PRAY IN WHATEVER WAY IS COMFORTABLE FOR US & ENVISION LORI BEING HEALED (AS IF IT WERE ALREADY DONE) WHILE WE ARE PRAYING. This was a different way of praying for me. I have always asked God to heal her. This time I envisioned Lori having her next MRI & the scan coming out clean. The doctors were all looking at it saying where did it go. It is a miracle!! I came out of the synagogue feeling more empowered & more sure that she will be healed. And the rest is up to God.

Lori & Erik are flying to Puerto Rico tomorrow. Lori's brother Ed & his wife Christa, their 2 kids Anthony & Isabelle are flying to PR on Wednesday. Lori's brother Walt (lives in Florida) is flying to PR on Wednesday. Lori's grandparents are flying to PR on Wednesday. My husband Wally & I and Lori's brother Dan are flying to PR on Thursday. Lori's sister Lisa and her 2 boys Jacob & Matthew (live in Florida) are flying to PR on Thursday. We are all staying in the El Yunque rainforest - taking over a bed & breakfast overlooking a river for some quality time together to pray, to reflect & to love. Then on Saturday we are all driving to Ponce where my mother's family live. We are going out to the country where my grandparents (Lori's great-grandparents) use to live & now one of my uncles lives. That whole side of the family (and there are many! my mother comes from a family of 15!!) are going to come together to pray & enjoy each other. It will be a great family reunion. Then on Sunday we plan to go to a Basilica where miracles have been performed.

Next week when we are all back, Lori will hopefully begin a treatment of Tamoxifin, Celebrex & Accutane. We have decided not to do the re-radiation and not do the treatment in California because that involves another surgery & Lori really doesn't want to do another surgery.

We are looking forward to the time we will have together in Puerto Rico. Not sure if I will be able to post anything while we are gone but I will try.


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